my first Grimshaw project opens its doors…

image by james ewing

Three (3) years ago, when I joined Grimshaw Architects in NYC, this was my first project. Three years later, it has finally opened its doors, and I can share some images (all credit goes to James Ewing). As a side not, I do have to say that there is this funny/sad thing about architecture where it usually takes so long for a project from design to completion that there are usually a lot more people working on it than ever gets listed in credits. Just like that, when Architectural Record published an article about this project in its recent issue (online version), it managed to skip out on a lot of people that contributed in small or large way, but in my opinion should be credited.

The biggest snafu from the credits is Sarah-Jazmine who single handedly designed and re-designed the “core cladding”, about 10-15 times. It takes some perseverance and  passion to keep going, over and over again at the same thing and never give in. I don’t have the patience and would have probably told someone to beat it, when I got asked to re-design something for the 10th time, but SJ stayed with it. Kudos girl! Personally, I have to say that, SJ is one person that I miss having around. As a Computational BIM Specialist on a project like that it was my responsibility to get everyone to “buy” into doing things in Revit, and doing them a certain way. SJ, was easily the one person that “got it”, and always put forth the effort to do things the right way. I am sorry you got omitted from the credits SJ. Another person that comes to mind was Tiago. Yes, he’s the guy that might have joined in at the tail end of the project but still managed to do some detailing around the stairs and bridges. Before him, Scott used the be the bridge man. I should probably mention Teddy, James, Kendall and Marce who all chipped in a little bit to help push the project across the line. There are countless others like Greg – our BIM Manager, or even all the guys on the Visualization team that had a lot to do with the success of this project (Haley, Marvin, Scott). What about those countless design study models that our model shop guys (Scott and Bruce) put together? Do those not count? They all were part of this and many other projects, but never get the credit that they deserve. I know, it doesn’t mean much, but I hope that this post at least makes you all feel a little better while getting recognized for all the work that you have done to bring this project to completion.

Here’s a few images from the project, and again all credit for the photographs goes to James Ewing:








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  1. Emily Bisaga Dunne says:

    Congrats! I am continually impressed by your work.

  2. Yien says:

    Congratulations Konrad!

  3. Mostafa says:

    Congrats on the beautiful project and team spirit .

  4. Wojciech Klepacki says:

    Well done! That’s amazing stuff mate. Really happy to see the interior. My respect goes to you.
    Kolego, serdecznie gratuluje fantastycznej roboty!

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