Tram Stop Canopy | Grimshaw Architects | Qatar Foundation | 2014

Student Center and Dining | Grimshaw Architects | Duke University | 2014

Training Center | Grimshaw Architects | Qatar Civil Aviation Authority | 2014

Rio Pavilion | Ideas Competition | Konrad K Sobon, Eric Maso, Darren Poon | 2013

Semi-Automatic | Computational Design | Konrad K Sobon | 2011-2013


CHUM Hospital | Cannon Design | CHUM Health Care | 2011


Hospital Bed Tower | Cannon Design | NMH | 2011

Mountain Hut | Illinois Institute of Technology | Konrad K Sobon | 2011


Performance Theater | Illinois Institute of Technology | Konrad K Sobon | 2009

High Rise | Illinois Institute of Technology | Konrad K Sobon | 2010

Image by Archi-labBarge Flotilla | Illinois Institute of Technology | Konrad K Sobon | 2010



  1. Tom Máró says:

    Hello Konrad,

    please help me! :-) I have a big-big problem. I see this node at you: Add Shared Parameter to Project. This is very usefull but I’d like add type parameter to an existing family. But nowhere on internet I can’t abel to find any info about this how can be done it. Would you please send me an solution how can I add type (or instance) parameter to an family?

    thanks you at advance! Tom

  2. Dear Konrad, I am working in the field of BIM and like to use your website and publication as a reference in my trainings. I need to learn Dynamo some day – until then I would like to give my clients a hint where they can find good information. I do like your website and would be happy if I can use your references – clearly marked as reference. cheers

    – Kirstin Bunsendal

  3. NIVALDO Curcio says:

    I wonder if anyone could help, struggling to populate titleblock parameters via dynamo.
    1) Titileblock family which has Label family that carries parameters, those were populated in project via assigning new shared to sheets.
    2) When I try to get these parameters on Dynamo to be populated I cannot find a way of doing so. It seems that the reason is they are nested label parameters.

    Any Ideias?

    Attachment:  help-image.jpg

  4. Sergio says:

    Hi Konrad,

    I’m trying to find your node GetDocuments and can’t seem to place it in the library.

    Can you point me in the right direction to find it please.

    Thanks in advance

    Kind regards


  5. Gjergji says:

    Hi Konrad

    I have been using your warnings parser workflow for some time now.
    I just had to update it to Revit 2019 and I am receiving an error in the identical instance portion of the script. In addition, it does not seem like you can link the report to the pdf option to print. I think this issue is only prevalent in 2019 as i have not had problems in 2017 & 2018 other then versioning. I can send the script over if youd like to have a look.
    Thank you for your time.

  6. Azreenaj says:

    Hi Konrad,

    I hope this message finds you healthy. I discovered your blog from your videos. I’m currently working to automate responsive wall design with grasshopper. I have found videos that mainly use solar arc connect with the attractor of the design like the famous al-bahr tower.

    The idea is to use external sensors and arduino but I am having problem on finding way to connect the wall design on rhino+GH with arduino. Like in the examples i mentioned above, you may manually manipulate the position of the sun and the “wall” will open/ close in response to the sun position. What I’m trying to do is to have external sensors connected and the “wall” will respond. But in this case, do i connect each point attractor in the geometry with ext. sensor( since i cant manually change the position of the sensor like the solar arc) and the wall will respond in GH. I know if i do this with real prototype, i’ll have sensors and servo connected at each point i’d want the wall to respond. But how do I do it in rhino+GH? Do you have any idea?

    Thank youuuu!!!

    • Sorry, but I don’t usually reply to “can you do my homework” type of questions. Also, your question is very non-specific, there are no images, sample files etc. I have no idea what you are asking for. Sorry, I can’t help.

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