Careers at archi-lab


Archi-lab is a digital design consultancy that engages in a variety of challenging projects in the AEC industry. We specialize in software development for architecture, engineering and technology companies. Our clients are some of the most respected and innovative companies in the building industry. Archi-lab is also part of the Bad Monkeys network, which gives us an opportunity to work with some of the best talent in the world. We are also keen on developing our own in-house software solutions. The latest is a data visualization and analytics platform called Bimbeats.

Archi-lab currently has the following vacancies:

AEC Software Developer

This is mostly a software development position but for someone with AEC background. Archi-lab primarily works in the AEC market providing all sorts of consulting services that range from training to software development, advanced modeling, interoperability or visual programming. We work with all building design stakeholders across the entire AEC market. This means that sometimes you would be teaching an architect how to use a visual programming tool like Dynamo or Grasshopper, and the next day you might be developing a software solution for building energy analysis startup.

Below are some of the skills, tools and technologies that we use on daily basis. We don’t expect you to be an expert in all of these but if you are in a few key ones, then you just might be the right candidate.

  • Revit and Revit API skills. We develop most of the Revit related solutions using .NET so familiarity with the following tech stack would be a plus: C#, WPF with a good grasp of Visual Studio, GitHub for code management. I understand that a natural progression for most folks in the AEC is to go from visual programming to some IronPython/Python scripting. That’s a good start, but unfortunately not enough in a more of a commercial setting. If you are familiar with visual programming and python scripting that’s a plus, but make sure your .NET skills are strong too.
  • Web App development. This might be a variety of different tech stacks like MEAN: MongoDB, Express, Angular and Node.js. We are not married to any particular technology, but it would be nice if you could write some JS/TypeScript, have an understanding of REST API or GraphQL, manage a MongoDB, SQL, ElasticSearch database, and maybe top it off with one of the many popular front end frameworks like React, Angular or Vue. We don’t make an assumption that there are many people out there that know all of the following technologies at an expert level. It’s more about being familiar with some of them so that when you are asked to jump on some Autodesk Forge development you are not scared of setting up an app.
  • Elastic Stack. We understand that a chance of you having skills in the first two, and this are slim, but if you have written aggregation queries for MongoDB before, it won’t be that hard to get you up and running writing ElasticSearch aggregations. If you are familiar with GROK parsers that’s awesome. If you have ever done any data visualization work in Kibana, PowerBI or D3.js that would be a plus. This particular requirement is geared towards the opportunity to engage with development of Bimbeats platform which is built on top of Elastic Stack. It’s also touching a lot of other AEC related APIs so any familiarity with things like: AutoCAD API, Navisworks API, Grasshopper API, Rhino Common, Dynamo API or even some of the less popular platforms like ArchiCAD API, Sketchup API etc. would be a huge plus.

We understand that the above list is a little scary, but no worries. If you can hold your own in a few of these areas, then we can work on developing you in the other ones. Think of it as an opportunity to step outside of your comfort zone, and work on challenging and interesting projects. It’s fun!

We accept remote work applicants. I am based out of Hoffman Estates (Chicago suburb), but work closely with people located in Brisbane (Australia) and Oslo (Norway). I speak fluent Polish so if you are from Poland and would like to apply, I would be more than happy to entertain that option.

If you would like to apply please provide the following:

  • Introduce yourself. An email is fine. No need to do a fancy cover letter, but if you have one it’s fine.
  • CV or resume. It will be good for us to see what your previous experiences were.
  • Work samples. These can be things like a website, blog, portfolio, GitHub repo links etc. Anything that will demonstrate to us some of your skills.

Shoot these over to me via: