Image by archi-lab has been around for a long time. It has started back when I was just a student at IIT, and needed a place to write down my thoughts. Inspired by the greats that came before me, it was means of sharing my knowledge with all that would read and listen. Over the years, I have made many posts, recorded many videos, written lots of code and answered plenty of questions…all courtesy of archi-lab. However, due to new life circumstances, I have less time now to write the blog, and maintain all of the code that I have written over the years. That’s why I am asking everyone that is willing to support me, and wants to see me keep writing blog posts, and sharing my ideas, solutions and occasional rants to become a Patreon Patron. I will use the money to maintain my blog, keep writing, keep maintaining the code and who knows, maybe even create new stuff.

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  1. Hi Konrad,
    Thank you for your open source attitude. I am merely a beginner at this. I tried using your SelectByParameterValue Node but could not figure out what was the evaluator input. Will appreciate your tip on this.
    Hope to be able to contribute like you in the future.


  2. Gretchen Schwab says:

    I have a quick question. I am wondering if it is possible to use Dynamo to create a pdf from a revit project in order of the table of contents. I have not been able to find a clear description and wanted to know if it was possible to write an interface list that orders the pdf by the organization of the table of contents.
    I would appreciate any info you may have.
    Thanks Gretchen

    • I think it might be possible. You would have to extract a sorted/ordered list of sheets from the schedule, and then create the PDF in that order. I haven’t tried that, but it sounds possible.

  3. Alexander says:

    You are using the System library.Windows.Interactivity.dll that you took from the Blend SDK. However, all other products use this library from the public NuGet package. As a result, Dynamo does not work in the presence of your package of nodes and other plugins. Please use the correct library

  4. Louise McLean says:

    Afternoon Konrad,
    I am new to Dynamo and I am trying to find you node Workset.GetAll & Workset.Name, I have downloaded the latest version of package 2021.25.7. Do i need to go to another version and then save that node, or have you renamed it?


    • If you are in Revit 2020, and Dynamo 2.3, there is an issue with the latest version of package. Please downgrade to version that starts with 2020.

  5. Sreekar says:

    Hey Konard, I am trying to use the Archilab package and have an issue while trying to make “Floor Plan views. By view types and level.”
    Warning: ” Warning: One or more of the input types are not matching. Couldn’t find a version of ByLevelAndType that takes arguments of type (__array,string)”
    Where am I going wrong?
    Thank you.

    Attachment:  1.png

  6. Aamir says:

    Hey Konard,
    Is it allowed to copy your python scrip for dynamo revit imported line pattern cleanup
    thanks and regards

  7. Mark Bruining says:

    Hello Konrad,

    Your package is absolute the best! I make use of it a lot in dynamo.
    I also make use of Select.LevelByName but when i upgrade your package it seems to lose the possibility to use this in a codeblock. Do you know ehy this happens?

  8. sharoon samuel says:

    Hi Konrad,

    Thank you for your work on Archi-lab. I ran into an issue today (Revit2019) and was wondering if you’re aware of it. After downloading the Archi-lab_Mandrill package, I was contacted by my IT department who told me they had detected malware in the program. Our company antivirus program is designed to detect certain behaviors that may be malicious so the malware may be a false positive but I wanted to know your thoughts. Thank you!

    Attachment:  Malware1.png

  9. Fred says:

    Hi Konrad,

    All my scripts containing nodes seem to break when using Revit and Dynamo 2.12.
    When I get to show up on Dynamo 2.12 after adding it to my packages, only the dyf nodes will show up.
    I don’t think Dynamo 2.12 is reading correctly, even the icon doesn’t display for

    I have tried using different versions with no success.
    Any idea what I should do?

    Attachment:  02.png

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