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image by tt-core

It’s that time of the year again! TT’s AEC Symposium, Hackathon and Workshops are here, and I will be attending again, so should you! I am actually proud to say that I was able to attend all of their events since inception, a few years ago, and I have had a blast learning great new things each and every time. People always ask me about the Hackathon, and who should attend it? I always tell them that even though it sounds scary, it’s actually a great amount of fun for the beginners as well. Granted, you are most likely not going to deliver “the project”, or for that matter any project the first time around, but its still worth it. Why? I can’t tell you how many great people I have met during these hackathons. It’s really just a great opportunity for me to go out and at least for a few days out of the year, not have to be “the guy” that people ask questions, but instead take on something new and challenging and bug the shit out other people. Also, you are guaranteed to learn a few things every time you fail, and believe me, there is no success without failure. I haven’t yet been able to really deliver a “successful” hackathon project myself, but I still think fondly of each one that I have attended.

Just like last year, this year there will also be workshops proceeding the Symposium and Hackathon. These are here for those of us that want to learn something new in a very structured way, and in a classroom style setting. I am personally getting ready for the workshop that Mostapha will be teaching. He’s been busy developing a new Grasshopper tool called Butterfly. If you are wondering what it does, you will have to come and see it in action. I will be there for sure.



This year I will also be teaching a workshop (co-teaching to be exact with Leland Jobson) so if you are interested in learning about data visualizations with Dynamo, Revit and Mandrill, please attend! To be more specific I think we will cover things like data extraction and list management for data visualization with focus on warning parsing and some family reporting. Here’s a potential outcome of the workshop:


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  1. Daniel woodcock says:

    Looks really fun. Shame it’s not in the UK. : (

    Will the classes be recorded?


  2. Yien says:


    Very Interesting how you did with the warning rating.
    Did use dynamo for the rating or applying them in powerbi?

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