my first completed project…

image by cannon design

This was my first “real” project out of school and its been 4 years since I first left my fingerprints on it, but its finally completed and official photos have been published by Cannon Design. I spent roughly a year and a half working on this project from early design phases all the way to construction administration. During that time I was asked to wear many hats as I would juggle my time between design, coordination, BIM Management or site visits with my PA. It was a truly amazing experience and finally seeing it being complete makes me really proud. I look at those images of completed project and go back in time to moments when I was cranking out renderings of those same spaces going through tens of design options before finally arriving at one that would satisfy our design principals (yup, It didn’t matter if I was happy with them – he had to be happy with them :-)). Anyways, its done and here are some images of it:








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  1. Dmitry_Dronov says:

    Very nice project. My gratulations!

  2. Luke K says:

    You need to tell us what the project is. Name, client, program. This is awesome I want to go look up some more pictures.

  3. ron zhang says:

    very pretty building!

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