framing model checker with dynamo

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This little workflow was inspired by work done by awesome folks at TT Core. For those of you familiar with the TTX tools its nothing new, but if you are not, make sure to pay a visit to their website. This was also inspired by a request from Marcello Sgambelluri.

What this workflow does, is that it will check the structural framing model for proximity to column start and end points. Basically the idea is that if you know that you have modeled your columns right, and its much easier to get that right since they are mostly upright and constrained by floors, you use those as “constants” and pull all other framing members to those fixed points.





That’s exactly what this node will do. Please be aware that for now, if an element is a Structural Brace and not a Framing category then it will get deleted and a same type element will be created in its stead. The reason why I am doing that is because I couldn’t get the Structural Brace to update its position while Structural Framing was working just fine. This is perfectly illustrated in this code:

Of course this is a work in progress and not a bullet proof solution, but should be good enough to get most people started. Please test this further, and let me know if you have any questions. Also, as usual you can find this and many more nodes on Package Manager under archi-lab. This is a sample Dynamo set up for reference: image03 Good luck! Ps. In order to really visualize in Dynamo your Structural Framing and Structural Columns I actually needed a custom node. Structural Columns would not return a proper location line. I think I have wrote that one some time ago for Brian Ringley, but never posted it. Anyways, here it is: image04   Also, here is the code for it:  
One more thing, this code will not get you anything other than a straight line. If you have Structural Columns with NurbsCurves or arcs as location lines this will not work. However, I am interested in seeing an example like this so I can make proper adjustments to this node so send it my way.

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