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This has been “in the works” since last year, and I have slowly, finally got to a point that I can release this little thing out into the wild world of Dynamo. Ever since the first five (5) minutes of me trying to make a chart in Excel, I realized that there has to be an alternative universe where I can just “make” charts pretty much on a fly, from Dynamo or Grasshopper (yeah you guessed it, it’s coming as well) data and they won’t be ugly. Little did I know, but there was this guy working for New York Times by the name of Mike Bostock, and of mama, did he not create the best data visualization library there is? I think he did! All I needed was to figure out how to use, what was a JavaScript library meant to be used in a web browser as part of HTML, in Dynamo. Yeah, that turned out to lead to a very stressful one day/night hackathon that left me holding bunch of ideas, and no actual working code. Anyways, I didn’t give up, at least not for too long, and soon after had a working prototype of a crappy and crashy version of what we have now – and this is still just a beta. Yes, software is a bitch. Anyways, I think this little Dynamo plug-in is ready to be used. Here’s a book that has some examples on how to use Mandrill (oh yeah, that name, well it’s a tribute to Bad Monkeys: a group of some awesome people that are always willing to help. Cheers! ):

Mandrill Primer

Here’s a link to a website that has some really amazing examples of charts built with D3.js. Please have a look at it, so you can be amazed and then realize how pretty, bloody cool some of them are. Then you can, relax, pop a beer, and sleep well tonight knowing that you can have those in Dynamo.


Now, I have only been able to work through some of the simple charts, yes, I am not much of a JavaScript wizard, C# wizard, or even HTML wizard so I taking it slowly. Anyways, the few charts that I did get to work, are ready for you, and if you read the primer, I promise they will be super easy for you. Couple of highlights:

Bar Chart: Of course, that’s a staple of any data visualization. Click on it to see some animated action take place:


Parallel Coordinates: Yes, for those of you loving some large and complicated data sets. There simply isn’t a better way to visualize a multi parameter data space.


Stacked Bar Chart: Another classic of data visualization.


Oh, this wouldn’t be a Dynamo post without at least one shot, of how easy it is to make these little babies. Now, have a look:


Happy visualizing your dataz, as Brian Ringley would say.


Ps. There is a GitHub page where you can download the source code and submit issues. Please use it! Mandrill Git Hub.

Ps2. Mandrill as is currently is built against Dynamo 1.1. I prefer using it out of the stand-alone Sandbox, but go ahead and give it a whirl in Revit. I haven’t much tested it there though so thread carefully.

Ps3. You can download and install Mandrill from Package Manager directly. Just search for this:


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  1. craig says:

    Hi Konrad,

    At first thanks for sharing this wonderful package. I am having issue in running the script. I get “Script Error”. I have screenshot attached.

    Attachment:  Untitled.png

    • Craig,

      Couple of things first. Please read this:
      After that you will know that, you are feeding the same color to both the bar and hover color which basically defeats the purpose of having a hover function because it will not be distinguishable. Anyways. It’s your chart. Also, your style node, is clearly missing an input. You can use a default value. Just right click over that input and click on the default value. You width and height are respectively 3 and 6. That’s in PIXELS. Please read the primer. I would recommend a value larger than 100px since there are margins hard-coded into it that need to be subtracted from that value.

      Try that.

  2. Hello Konrad, first thank you for your work. You are amazing..

    I tried to install it on Dynamo 1.2.0 but could not. If it was in 1.1, as I do? Just copy the entire folder from Github, or is a specific folder?

  3. Hi Konrad

    Nice work, I love a good chart..!

    My own dabblings with model based charting & visualization are here (scroll past the waffle to the examples at the end)

    The approach I used was with an intermediate database that Dynamo writes to/the chart reads from.
    But being able to do it directly in Dynamo seems much better.


    • Thanks Andrew,

      It seems to me that people are having issues with the plug-in. I need to probably test it a little more before claiming that it would be a better approach that you were attempting with PowerBi. I really like the idea of creating charts from a data base connection. That seems like a lot more efficient way to organize your charts, especially if you can store your results on the web.

  4. I tried the first example of barchart that appears in the primer but these errors occurred. Besides I was in version 1.2 of Dynamo, there may be some other problem?

    Attachment:  fig-01.png

  5. error number 01

    Attachment:  fig-02.png

  6. error number 02.

    Attachment:  fig-03.png

  7. There is nothing to apologize Konrad. Thank you so much for your attention. I will follow the on Github.

  8. ALEXIS says:

    Same here Konrad

    Attachment:  error.jpg

    • Can you try a different chart, use a CSV data, restart Dynamo. I am not sure what is causing this error and honestly I need more users to investigate this for me or I will not be able to solve it. Are you launching this from Revit? Dynamo Studio or Sandbox version? What version of Windows are you on? Are these files unblocked?

    • It was fixed in latest update to Mandrill, just make sure to use the Chrome Window instead.

  9. Tiago Costa Jorge says:

    Hi Konrad,

    Same error here.
    Let us know if there is anything we can test on our side.


    Attachment:  error-1.jpg

  10. Ilya says:

    Hi Konrad,

    Great tool, thank you on that !

    Though I am expierencing the issue printing the PDF, Dynamo just crash when I press “Print to PDF” button. Dynamo 1.2 on top of Revit 2017
    Cheers !

  11. Cesare says:

    Hi Konrad, I don’t know why my bar and line chart is not working. Revit 2017 or 2015 and Dynamo 1.2.1.
    Pie chart is working properly.

  12. Nick Curtis says:

    Is there any option (or plans) to create a Geometry output for the table geometry? This would be insane!

  13. Piotr says:

    Is it possible to import created chart into Revit as a drafting view for instance?

  14. Lucas Manos says:

    Konrad fantastic work!

    The only thing I thought was odd, and the reason for my comment, is the javascript, css, and images, are relative local paths in the HTML export. While not a large problem, as I can update the HTML to point to a resource folder on my domain, I just found it odd that the Save HTML node does not build out a complete package, including the javascript, css, and any image files within the output folder.

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