dynamo workshop at ACADIA 2016

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Computational BIM in Practice


Again, this year I will be co-teaching with Nate Holland a 3-day intensive workshop on Dynamo. Just like last year in Cincinnati, we will focus the workshop on all things Dynamo, but from the very practical stand point of view. That means, that you will not see any examples on fancy form finding, machine learning, L-systems, fractals or whatever else kids in schools do these days. Instead we intend to teach people how to use a computational design tool to help them get their work done in a more efficient manner. That means we will present an array of examples based on things that you will probably have to do at work at some point, and we will show you how to automate that. We will touch on variety of things from simple Revit element modifications, to placement of Adaptive Components vs Generic Models, Excel interoperability, Rhino and Grasshopper interoperability, model management as well as data visualization of your Revit models. We will introduce you to an array of different plug-ins like Bumblebee, Mantis Shrimp, Flux, Archi-lab, Clockwork, Heron, Mandrill (this will be new stuff that wasn’t published anywhere just yet), and many more. After those three days, you will be able to go back to your office with a handful of things that hopefully you can deploy right away, but also with an ability to start putting together your own automation routines for all of those things that you have to do at work over and over again.

As an added bonus, this year’s workshop will earn you a grand total of 18 AIA Credits which, if I am not mistaken is good to keep you licenced for another year. That’s as sweet of a deal as you will find.

You can sign up here: http://2016.acadia.org/workshops.html

2016/11/10 UPDATE:

I’ve made it! We thought a workshop for three days and managed not to lose our voice. Thank god, to the average of 2 microbreweries per street block in Ann Arbor. It’s a truly unique place to visit: a small town with lots of “amenities” aka watering holes. Huge thanks to all participants! It was a blast to teach a really smart group of people that we had, and I hope that you guys enjoyed it as much as I did. See you all in the future when our paths cross again.




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