revit technology conference north america 2015

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This past month I was fortunate enough to attend a conference dubbed: Revit Technology Conference. Yes, I know it sounds a little geeky, and it actually was! This was also my first time speaking at RTC so I had a chance to introduce Mantis Shrimp to a wider audience and, to my surprise, it was received quite well (I hope it was :-) ). Personally, I loved it in Washington as I was able to meet bunch of fellow technology freaks with architectural/engineering background and we geeked out for hours. I also had a chance to go to some awesome labs by Harry Mattison and Adam Sheather to brush up on my Revit API and C# skills as well as to start using Visual Studio more in my work. It was great!

But, this wasn’t the best of it. Clearly the highlight of this conference was meeting all of the great folks, that up until now, I knew only from their Twitter hashtags.

@Gytaco is not only a great architect, software developer (DynaWorks), but also a crazy Aussie that can “double fist” whiskey all night and then get up in a morning to teach Dynamo dev class.

@marcellosgamb has totally chose a wrong profession – this dude is a born preacher! He makes people in his labs shed tears with every instance of a structural column properly hitting their footings. He makes you feel as if every time you use a code block in your Dynamo definition, a Dynamo gods were smiling at you, because now you were a computational designer and no one could stop you from taking over the world.

@RTVTools is a gentlemen of unmatched generosity. He not only keeps people from working all night-ers with his amazing Revit tools but also kept the whiskey wells from drying for most of our stay at RTC. For that we salut you!

I also met some amazing new people from lands as far away as Australia (@MR_QAP and @DomDidIt_73 (no, I didn’t forget about you @Woods_Bagot folks – Stephen and Franz, but you are not on Twitter. What the hell?),  Canada (@sylviakatarzyna) or Netherlands (Johan). Of course I ran into an array of mostly familiar faces (@ZachKron, @MattJezyk, @Steve_Stafford – with whom I had a chance to work back in my Cannon days but never met him in person until now, @seandburke,  @BoostYourBIM and many more).

It was great meeting you all and I am looking forward to our next meeting. Having been reading the description for RTC AUS 2016…


…I think I will have a good chance to get an invite. :-)

Again, thank you all for good times and great labs and I will see you next year!

PS. Material from my presentation on Mantis Shrimp will be available for download from here when I get to work tomorrow: Download

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