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OK, so I think it’s time to make this official. I am a father! Yes. What an adventure that is. Shutout to all the dads out there! It’s only been a few days now, but it’s been a roller-coaster ride already. I don’t think I ever felt so powerless in my life seeing my wife go through the birth contractions and not being able to do anything about it…short of reminding her that there is no shame in getting that Epidural shot. I was so relieved when she finally agreed. (It felt like convincing people at my old job, that we should be using Revit, not AutoCAD. You know…technology.) She was a real hero. Then came the high of indescribable joy when our baby girl – Amelia – was finally born. I think my heart stopped for like 5s, when nurses were cleaning out her nose, so she can start breathing on her own. Somebody has got to warn all the future dads out there, that your baby might not start crying the second it comes out into this world. Brace yourself. Or maybe it was just me that didn’t know. Stupid me. Then came another low, when Amelia wouldn’t stop crying when she was away from her mom for more than few minutes. My wife must have been up for like 50+ hours straight at that time. I felt so horrible not being able to comfort Amelia at least for an hour or two, so she can catch a break, get some rest. Every time she cried, and my wife cuddled her, I felt like crying. I kept thinking to myself, “what is wrong with me”, why is she crying when I am holding her? Yup, another fair warning to first time dads out there, get used to it. It might be a few days before, your baby feels comfortable enough to be away from the only thing that she knew for the last 9+ months – her mom. Now, that we are home, and she had some time to adjust to this new, loud, bright, and smelly world, she’s also getting used to me. Gosh, she even occasionally cracks a smile, flashing her totally cute dimples, and my heart melts. Yeah, this whole “dad” thing is one heck of an emotional roller coaster. I am just happy to be along for the ride. Wish me good luck!

Ps. I will do my best to try and write a post in January. Currently I am on a little bit of a weird schedule. It’s basically whenever Amelia feels like sleeping for a little bit, my wife tries to catch some sleep too, and that might be the only window for me to write. No promises, but I will do my best.

Ps2. Shutout to our friends and family for being such a huge help, and giving us love and support whenever we needed it. It’s invaluable. You know who you are, and we love you.

Ps3. Huge thank you to my clients, prospective clients, and fellow Bad Monkeys for being understanding of my prolonged absence, erratic schedule, and maybe even occasional “DNP – Baby” entry from coach Pop. 🤣

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  1. Franco says:

    Congratulations from Brazil!

  2. Really congrats Konrad, I’m really happy for you! Welcome to the father’s world, where you feel superpowers but also super tired XD wish you to sleep, at least to don’t feel like a zombie :D
    I’m waiting the second now, I totally understand you, feel free to ask if you need suggestions
    Best luck, to all

  3. Rotimi seriki says:

    Congrats Konrad! I’m so happy for you and your wife. Although I don’t have a kid yet, reading your blog post was very refreshing and informative.

  4. Keith Wilkinson says:

    Hey congrats!! I’m sure life as a dad will be a blast!

  5. simon says:

    congrats! good luck with no sleep.

  6. Brad Shales says:

    Congrats Mate.
    I too joined the club just before Christmas.
    It’s a trip.

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