managing family types with dynamo

In this post I will briefly talk about using Dynamo to manage family types in a Revit project. I am using wall tags as an example, but this methodology can be applied to other families. Let’s get to it.

I wanted to make sure that folks on a project that I am managing are tagging walls with the correct wall tag. You want to ask me: Why is there more than one wall tag to choose from in a first place? Well, I know Its not ideal, but for some reason someone before me decided to make the Fire Rating an Instance Property instead of a Type. To add some more wood to the fire, the good old diamond shaped tag was split in half and fire rating was introduced. I personally dislike this tag, but it is what it is and you just move on. Anyways, now I have two wall tags depending on whether a wall is fire rated or not I want to use one of the two. Just like this:



You can see that non-fire rated walls display only wall type information while fire rated walls would display wall type and fire rating in hours below. It’s really easy to just Tag All with one wall tag, but then it looks like this:


I don’t much like seeing some of them display 0 and some just have an empty field, so second tag was introduced to display only Wall Type.

Here’s a video that will walk you through some of the functionality:


Also please visit my Dynamo Download page to get the latest custom nodes that were used in this tutorial.


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  1. Luc Doucet says:

    I am trying to adapt your dynamo script to Revit 2015 in French with Dynamo 0.7 and I find that the Get View-Dependant Family Instances By Catergory is not returing a list of tags (returns null).

    Do you know if the language settings are a problem? The Categories node for “Walltags” is returning “Etiquettes de murs”.


    • Konrad says:


      This is a really good question. I have never tested them for either other languages nor Revit 2015, so i am simply not sure. Let me ask some of my French speaking friends to test this for me and i will get back to you. Thank you for pointing this out.


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