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In this post I will talk about a new workflow that I have developed to help with managing large Revit projects. This particular workflow helps with eliminating warnings about keynote tags assigned to elements in a linked model. It’s often a case that someone tags an element in a linked model that is using a different keynote file (most likely a linked consultant’s file like Structural or MEP) and that will inadvertently generate a warning. Some cases even generate those warnings on Revit start up and that just becomes really annoying.

To get you an idea about how quick and easy this warning is please watch this video first:

Let’s start with the first node that collects all of the Keynote Tags in the model. It’s set up so that it will only select Keynote Tags that are Instance Families which means that it will skip all type families. I am not using a built in category for Keynote Tags because that will pick up type families as well and there is really nothing that i can do with a type family. Here’s a code for that:
Once we have all of the Keynote Tags we are ready to test them for whether they are tagging linked model elements. Trick with this one was to select only tags that were tagging linked model elements that did not have a value assigned to them. If we have two architectural models that we are linking together chances are that its OK to keynote through the link because we still have control over the content and what keynote file that model is linked to. However, if we are tagging an element in a linked model from a consultant then we definitely have no control over the content and want to get rid of such keynote. Here’s a code that will accomplish that for us:

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You can download both of the nodes from my download page.

Feel free to ask any questions pertaining to this workflow.

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