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This topic came up recently in an email from one of my Patreon supporters. Daniel asked if there was a way to automate the Drawing Index Schedule, and the little black dots that architects like so much to use when indicating when any given Sheet was published during a Revision.

I used to have to do that when I worked as a BIM Specialist before, so it’s a well known issue to me. Basically the idea is to keep track of which Sheet went out with what package. The current workflow that Daniel described to me was consisting of 5 manual steps:

  • Create a Sheet Issue/Revision
  • Assign it to a page
  • Manually Create a project Parameter to match the Sheet Issue/Revision
  • Manually Create a matching parameter to achieve the dot schedule
  • Manually tick the parameters in each sheet to match the Sheet Issue/Revision

It’s the first two steps that I was able to quickly put together a little Dynamo script for. We already had some of the required components in since I had worked on Revisions before. I was able to add a few to expose creation of Revisions as well as retrieval of View Sets so that we can drive the whole process of creating Revisions and adding them to Sheets just by selecting a View Set. Here’s the full definition:

There is really nothing that much special about this routine. The only thing to look out for here, is that the View Set that we select only contains Sheets. Since the last step in this routine is to set the Revisions on Sheet property for the selected views, they have to be Sheets. Regular views don’t have that property.

I hope this helps to get you started Daniel. As always, please download the latest version of the package from the Package Manager to get all of the new components. Also, as always, thank you to my Patreons for supporting me. The Dynamo script and sample file will be available for download on my Patreon page.


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