Chicago Dynamo Community aka ChiNamo

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I will be presenting at Chinamo on March 12 at 5.30pm. Please stop by, and ask me about Dynamo, Revit, programming, data, viz, Bimbeats, Bad Monkeys and whatever else you feel like asking me.

The presentation will be on data visualization and all of the different things that are available to you in that space. The focus will of course be the AEC context, and mainly Revit data analytics. That’s after all have been my specialty. I have a feeling that I might have tried a good chunk of different solutions so, if data viz is something that you want to get into, please stop by and hear what to look out for. If you are already an advance Revit API, data analytics expert, then perhaps some of my insights will give you some fresh ideas to pursue. We will talk Dynamo, Revit, data, programming, visualizations, data bases, web-apps, but also servers, parallel programming, and weird shit that people do to their Revit models. If you think some of these topics might interest you, then drop by.

UPDATE: 03/10/2020

ChiNamo presentation originally scheduled for March 12th, 2020 has been postponed due to concerns over Coronavirus. It will be re-scheduled for May, and hopefully by then we will all be able to shake hands and touch our faces again.

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  1. Scott C Lebow says:

    Will the presentation be recorded?

    • I would like to say yes, but I have no idea. I don’t know what the logistics look like. I think we are doing a presentation at someone’s office. Might be SCB. Anyways, I don’t know.

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