Bimbeats/Bad Monkeys will be at Section Cut!

image by monograph

Bimbeats and by extension Bad Monkeys have been invited to participate in what shapes up to be an interesting conference on practice operations. In the year’s past I would have been mostly attending technology related events. They are fun, and I am sure looking forward to keep doing so, but I always felt like something was missing. There was a disconnect. Every time I would show up to one of these tech conferences, and meet technology minded people, listened to demos and presentations of the next AEC changing tool…but nothing really changes. I came to realize it’s because we created our own echo chamber at these conference. Tech oriented people, preaching to tech oriented people. Decision makers, and people running actual business operations at these companies were often not around to hear what’s the latest tool that will make their practice more efficient, more agile, more profitable. I am not 100% sure that this is it, but I am sure it’s time for me to think about pitching technology ideas to a different kind of audience. Let’s see what happens. Come and see us at our virtual Bimbeats booth.

Here’s a brief description of the conference. Thanks to Monograph for providing graphics.

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  1. Mark Perry says:

    Was this recorded by any chance?

    • I don’t think so. We had a booth, and mostly did demos of Bimbeats. There wouldn’t be anything worth recording though. We didn’t do a single presentation or anything like that. Please go to if you want to schedule a demo of Bimbeats and I will be happy to show it off.

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