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New day, new challenge. It has been a while since I really had time to write posts for archi-lab. I realize that I got a lot of people, new and old, that have been following this blog, so it is not my intention to abandon it. I actually enjoy writing posts. There is something about writing down my thoughts that allows me to clear my head a little and actually helps me understand the issue better. So my intention is very much to keep writing.

However, this is no secret, but since I have quit my “9-5” job, I am basically a “hustler” now. Yeah, I know this sounds pretty bad, but the reality of being a consultant is that some days you are swamped with tons of work and some you can’t find a thing to do. So far, I have been mostly swamped, which leads me to the gist of this little write up. In order for me to find time to keep doing all of the things that I have been doing over the years…

  • writing blog posts
  • creating tutorials
  • answering questions on the forums
  • creating and managing various plugins and packages

… I will need your support.

All of that stuff takes time. All of that stuff was and still is fun. However, I am not the same 20+ year old, telling myself that I can handle it. Life gets in the way, girlfriends turn into a wife and unlike the ex’s she needs me around more than once a week. Rented flat turns into an apartment or a house, and since now you own that place, there is always shit to do. Probably the most important thing though, is that friends and co-workers get older, get promoted, have kids and things just…kind of slow down. Work is not the most important thing in life anymore. You start hearing yourself talking about “work-life balance”. What the fuck is that? Am I sick? Idk. Maybe I just don’t have the patience to fight off people (what people?! It’s just me and “you know who”) that accuse me of “always working”, that can’t tell the difference between me being at “work-work”, and me just answering a question on a blog. That looks very much the same on the screen, but I never felt like I was working when I was typing up the next post, or answering a cry for help from a stranger.

Long story short, I will have to pull back a little, or figure out a way to do what I have always done, but during “business hours”. Sounds all grown up and serious. I know. I think I will give Patreon a shot. Here’s my page:

The idea is that I can make some $$$ so that I can find some time to keep writing, and keep creating content that a lot of people seemed to enjoy. Now, I am not a Patreon expert just yet, so I tried to mimic what my friends over at Ladybug Tools have been doing for a while now. Give me some time so I can figure out what it is that I can do to make it worthwhile for the “patrons”. I am thinking maybe special access to downloadable resources, maybe special archi-lab workshop series, or perhaps a guest post. I will come up with something. For now, I just want to see what the response to this is so that at least I can keep the ball rolling.

Thanks a lot for all of the support so far, and hopefully, with your further support we will see each other on the pages of archi-lab in the future.



Ps. I also added a Membership link to archi-lab. If you are so inclined to support me, send me a picture and you will be featured on that page.

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  1. Kimberley Merlino says:


    Gotta do what you gotta do! Am sure you are killing it.

    Former Grimshaw collegue kind of …
    Kimberley Merlino

    • Kimberly! You are most def not just a former colleague. You are one of the few people that I had a privilege to meet in person. I think we had beers at BILT, that must count for something. :-)

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