image management with Dynamo

image by archi-lab

This functionality has been requested a few times on Dynamo blog, so I thought I will make it official and share it here for everyone. This adds a few nodes to Archi-lab package that will allow you to import an image or simply reload it from a given path. Here are the steps and code for reference:

  • Let’s get a View that we will be importing our image into:


I am using a Get All Views node here that comes from Archi-lab_Grimshaw package.

  • Next step is to create import options for our view. Import options allow us to control things like a placement point and image resolution:


Box Placement Types node can also be found in Archi-lab_Grimshaw. It’s just a simple dropdown that allows you to position the image in relation to reference point. Here’s code for Image Import Options node:

      • Next up we just need to put all these together like so:


  Untitled-3 Keep in mind that if we re-run the definition it will keep placing images in the specified location. If your intention is to reload it, you can do this: Untitled-4 This node checks if a given image exists in the model and reloads it. Here’s code for both of the nodes:  

This is it! Pretty quick and easy way to manage our imported images.


  1. Danny Bentley says:

    My company insist on using Word to create general notes. They have indention subscripts and superscripts which Revit can’t reproduce and they are constantly being updated, therefore, we make images and link them. This Dynamo definition is very cool. I’ve downloaded and wired it up and got it to work.

    Thank you for posting this.

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