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analysis visualization with ladybug & mantis shrimp

In this post i will demonstrate two methods for generating Analysis Display Style: This has been a work in progress for quite some time. Actually, while in the process of […]

grasshopper + twitter + firefly = architecture

This was an old post that I made some time ago and got lost when I migrated my website to WordPress. I will try and dig out some of them […]

mantis shrimp – export/import grasshopper (points)

In a previous post I have discussed a few things that you need to check to get started with Mantis Shrimp. In this post i will go over a specific […]

facades+ in chicago

Yesterday, and today I have been attending a Facades+ conference/Tech workshop in Chicago. It’s a great conference and this marks my second go-round with this event. I learned so much […]

form finding with grasshopper/galapagos:

Here is a┬álink to a video tutorial┬áthat shows the process that I went through to create the tensile shading devices. It explains the process and steps needed to create the […]

AEC technology symposium 2014

Coming up is AEC Technology Symposium that I will be attending. It will be a two day event with presentations and an all night hackathon. Sign up and hope to […]