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Performance Theater | Illinois Institute of Technology | Konrad K Sobon | 2009

This project draws upon three main concerns: sound, light, and circulation.  In order to address all of the issues I have created an introverted space that was surrounded with three layers of protective wrappers. Theater spaces were placed in the middle. Then they were “wrapped” with circulation space that created a noise barrier. Classrooms, shops and lobby were placed on the perimeter as a secondary wrapper creating more sound insulation. These public spaces required access of sufficient light but at the same time blocked any light from entering theater auditoriums. Finally, last light controlling wrapper was placed on the outside of the building giving its occupants control over the quality of light. This building, from outside appears to be inaccessible while in reality its main spaces are all open to public access.

Concept/Design Process:

One of the first steps undertaken was to thoroughly analyze the site. Since the main concern with this type of structures are noise and light, I have created series of diagrams illustrating my decision making process. First, I located main sources of noise on the site and its vicinity and by measuring Decibel levels at various distances from them I was able to narrow down possible “quiet” locations. Later, by analyzing program and cross referencing it with possible noise/light requirements I was able to generate an idea about the layout of spaces. This research and diagramming process led me to creation of an introverted building that would shield itself from the outside disturbances and this way create the best possible conditions for theater performances.

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