image by archi-lab

High Rise | Illinois Institute of Technology | Konrad K Sobon | 2010

This high-rise’s mixed program includes 200 hotel keys, 500 residential units, restaurant, bar, lounge, gym, lobbies, outdoor space. Located on the north bank of Chicago River (adjacent to NBC Tower) this building takes advantage of its great views of both the Chicago River and Lake Michigan. This high rise looks to take full advantage of its location. Set of wooden stair connects the street level with river walk creating functional outdoor space. Hotel restaurant cantilevers over the river making the most out of the view. Landscaping provides much needed shade, great outdoors space that blends with a popular Chicago Riverwalk and means to retain rainwater. Building’s undulating balconies’ design
was aided by Ecotect analysis to provide shading for all glass facade, as well as ample amount of outdoor space for all residents.


This high rise design begun with studies of the site. Street and River walk levels were identified as disconnected, thus stairs were introduced as public space connecting those two levels. There were major views towards Lake Michigan, Chicago River and down the Michigan Avenue, and it was important to take advantage of those. Along with site and context, sustainability ideas were explored and cantilevered balconies were added to the design. Series of Ecotect studies were done to calculate possible savings in energy due to balconies used as shading devices.

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