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Barge Flotilla | Illinois Institute of Technology | Konrad K Sobon | 2010

This project tests an idea of sustainability as lifestyle, rather than technology. Instead of applying various high tech gadgets to brand the project “green” it is based on the idea of a work-live community. This eliminates a need for commuting thus reduces its carbon footprint. It also takes advantage of its minimal space to encourage shared facilities and loft space living. This project’s form responds to its various needs as it creates just the right amount of public and private spaces. Its sloped roofs are shaped as to take the most advantage of solar radiation (PV panels) and promote green spaces (accessible roof terrace).

Barge Flotilla Concept:

The idea behind Barge Flotilla was to create a community of barges, each with a unique function, that together would form a floating city. This was a group project where each student chose to address one particular need within the flotilla. I chose art. The idea for the Art Community Barge was to use it as a showpiece for all to realize that living in a community doesn’t mean to live in a gated community. The idea of shared facilities and live-work spaces as well as flexible design were all tested here. Below you can see a diagram of the flotilla route of travel in Chicago area:

Concept Process:

Traditional organization of program is rearranged, converting typically fixed and inflexible program of one -directional circulation into one with non- directional circulation. That allows for maximum exposure to different programs. Previously isolated programs placed in separate volumes are now mixed vertically within each volume. This allows its users more freedom and promotes interaction.

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