Grimshaw Tools | Grimshaw Architects | Revit API | 2015


Google Fiber Stores | Grimshaw Architects | Google Fiber | 2015


Star Mountain Plaza | Grimshaw Architects | Pacific Asia Developments | 2015


Student Center and Dining | Grimshaw Architects | Duke University | 2014

Tram Stop Canopy | Grimshaw Architects | Qatar Foundation | 2014

Training Center | Grimshaw Architects | Qatar Civil Aviation Authority | 2014


Rio Pavilion | Ideas Competition | Konrad K Sobon, Eric Maso, Darren Poon | 2013

Semi-Automatic | Computational Design | Konrad K Sobon | 2011-2013


CHUM Hospital | Cannon Design | CHUM Health Care | 2011


Hospital Bed Tower | Cannon Design | NMH | 2011

Mountain Hut | Illinois Institute of Technology | Konrad K Sobon | 2011


Performance Theater | Illinois Institute of Technology | Konrad K Sobon | 2009

High Rise | Illinois Institute of Technology | Konrad K Sobon | 2010

Image by Archi-labBarge Flotilla | Illinois Institute of Technology | Konrad K Sobon | 2010



  1. Tom Máró says:

    Hello Konrad,

    please help me! :-) I have a big-big problem. I see this node at you: Add Shared Parameter to Project. This is very usefull but I’d like add type parameter to an existing family. But nowhere on internet I can’t abel to find any info about this how can be done it. Would you please send me an solution how can I add type (or instance) parameter to an family?

    thanks you at advance! Tom

  2. Dear Konrad, I am working in the field of BIM and like to use your website and publication as a reference in my trainings. I need to learn Dynamo some day – until then I would like to give my clients a hint where they can find good information. I do like your website and would be happy if I can use your references – clearly marked as reference. cheers

    – Kirstin Bunsendal

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