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sheets from excel with dynamo

In this post I will present a quick workflow for getting new sheets into Revit using an Excel spreadsheet. You will ask me: Why in the world would you do […]

door set handing

In this post i will demonstrate how to automatically determine if door is left or right handed. One of my fellow Bloggers asked me this morning about determining door set […]

checking if schedules are on sheets with dynamo

In this post i will describe a new custom node for querying all schedules that are not placed on sheets. It will output two lists of elements (ViewSchedules), one which […]

drawing list management with dynamo

This is not your typical workflow for managing a drawing list, but due to some complicated/overlapping schedule and need to possibly issue drawings with the same number (yet part of […]

create views and place on sheets with dynamo

First off I am demonstrating how to create new Views in a Revit project using Dynamo. That’s pretty straight forward. I am using all regular nodes. If I am using […]

element tagging with dynamo

Today I was asked to help create some roof plans for a glass canopy system and then tag each panel with its unique Mark value. Well, this sounds easy enough […]

room numbering with dynamo

Here’s a quick video preview of this workflow: YouTube Following up on Window/Door Numbering tools that I was working on previously, I wanted to add another aspect to it. Below […]

interference report parsing with dynamo

In one of my previous posts I was showing everyone how you can use Dynamo to parse through an HTML (TXT) file and use it to isolate elements in view. […]

form finding with grasshopper/galapagos:

Here is a┬álink to a video tutorial┬áthat shows the process that I went through to create the tensile shading devices. It explains the process and steps needed to create the […]