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Grimshaw Tools | Grimshaw Architects | Revit API | 2015

Grimshaw Tools is a set of custom workflows and tools that I have developed for Grimshaw Architects to streamline their documentation phase. Each of these tools helped address a specific bottleneck in the documentation or BIM Management process in order to improve efficiency while saving time and money. All of the tools below were developed using Visual Studio Community and compiled to act as easily attributable Revit Add-ins. This method allowed me to utilize some key advantages over options like Macros or Dynamo. Each of the tools has a small UI element that allows user a quick access to accompanying help page hosted on Grimshaw’s Design Technology website. Below is a brief description of some of the tools that I have written for this tool-set.

Image Name Description
Sheets from Excel I have first developed this tool in Dynamo – but some of the staff at Grimshaw has expressed their dislike for having to open a scripting environment in order to do something easy like this. It allows you to read in an Excel file and specify whether you want to create Real or Placeholder Sheets. It also allows you to synch as many parameters from Excel with parameters in a Project file as you wish simply by adding additional columns to Excel and later using a UI dialog connecting them to Project Parameters.
Asset Manager This tool was developed to make loading assets into a project a little faster and easier. As most companies Grimshaw has "warehouse" files that store some pre-defined families that can be used on all projects. This tool makes it easy to preview and load in desired families without opening the warehouse file.
UK Spec Synch This tool was developed to streamline the process of synchronization of our Revit models with Excel Specification files. This tool is for our London use only since it works with the UK standard Construction Specification system known as Uni-Format.
Room and Space Synch This tool was developed to help automate the process of creating the Room Data Sheets. It helps to harvest information contained in MEP Model by extracting Space parameters and synching their information to chosen Room parameters in Architectural Model.
DirectShapeFromSAT Direct Shape from SAT This tool allows you to create Direct Shapes in Revit from either a single or multiple SAT files. The advantage of Direct Shape objects over typical SAT imports are ability to assign any Category to it as well as better section cuts and dimensions.
GrimshawToolsIcons3-17 Report Family Size This tool was created in case that we needed to troubleshoot the model for bloated families. It allows you to collate all family sizes without having to deal with Family Export. Currently I am working on adding more "performance" based markers like number of parameters- formula driven parameters- voids etc. It also allows you to delete or save out chosen families for further investigation.
GrimshawToolsIcons3-06 3D View/Workset This utility allows you to isolate objects in a view by Workset they are on. This in turn allows me to easily inspect a Revit model and identify objects that might be placed on a wrong workset. Having everything on a right workset can be quite important when setting up your templates and visibility settings as well when sharing files with consultants which rely on content being placed on the right Workset.
GrimshawToolsIcons3-04 Uppercase Views on Sheets This tool allows me to rename all of our Views in the project to lower case if they are not currently placed on a Sheet or to upper case if they are. This of course is not a deal breaker but rather a nice little utility to keep the project organized and be able to find our views faster.
GrimshawToolsIcons3-03 Delete Reference Planes This tool will delete all of the unnamed Reference Planes from the project. Why? Because I like to keep the model free of unwanted junk and Reference Planes as much as they are useful can sometimes be really everywhere in a hurry. They don't print yet somehow still annoy me so I always try to delete them as quickly as I stop using them.
GrimshawToolsIcons3-02 Pin/Unpin by Category This tool was one of the tools that I have salvaged from Scott's tool-set and reused here. It allows you to Pin down things like Levels or Grids. Pinning an element doesn't guarantee that it will not be deleted or moved but at least it will force the person to make an effort to unpin them before they can delete it.
GrimshawToolsIcons3-05 Prevent Deletion Now if I really want to prevent something from being deleted from the project I will lock it down with this tool. It uses Extensible Storage to store "protected" elements and an Updater to throw a warning if user tries to delete one of the "protected" elements.
GrimshawToolsIcons3-01 Delete All Views/Sheets/Links This is a tool that I made based on something that used to be part of Case tool-set. It allows you to delete Sheets – Views – and Links from the model before exporting it for your consultants. I usually use that tool before every time that I share my models with other trades.
legendScheduleDuplicator Legend/Schedule Duplicator This tool was made when LMNts tool that used to do exactly the same thing was not updated to Revit 2016 but a request from a user came up on Twitter. I basically granted it and added this tool to our tool-set while also open sourcing it here on my blog. It allows you to duplicate Schedules or Legends between multiple Sheets with ease.
drawingListDotter Sheet Revisions to Parameters This tool has a very limited use. It gives me ability to synch Revisions that Sheets are being issued for into a Shared Parameter so that I can schedule it in a Drawing List with a simple "dot".
viewDuplicator View Duplicator This is another one of the tools that used to exists in Case tool-set but was discontinued. It allows me to quickly duplicate views in a project as either Dependent or with Details.
revisionManager Revision Manager This tool allows me to manage Revisions on the project with ease. It gives me ability to add or remove specified Revisions from selected Sheets in the project making it easier than ever to issue drawings.
GrimshawToolsIcons3-07 Curve Total Length This was actually my first tool that I made for Revit. It's a really simple utility that allows me to select bunch of Detail Lines to get their total length. Yeah that's not fancy or anything but still useful when dealing with those life safety drawings and having to annotate path distance quickly.